Mini Dolly to the Rescue

Nearly ever droid builder I know lugs around a large cart just in case their droid fails. This is especially needed for those of us with drive systems that lock when no powered is applied to the motors. Knock on wood, I’ve never needed to use my cart and it’s always stayed in the van.

Well, at WonderCon last week Gerard showed us his latest find – mini 6″ tri-wheel dollies that’s can easily be place under each drive wheel. They’re small and light enough to throw in your backpack or toolbox.

Only downside is the wheels are pretty small so wouldn’t go over any major bumps or door jams easily, and I wouldn’t recommend using them to totally replace your cart, especially if you use it all the time. Never the less, I went straight out and bought a set to have in case of an emergency.

Here’s Gerard in action pushing his droid around on two of these

[Direct link to Youtube video]


Manufacturer: Sheperd Hardware
Mode Number: 9299
Approx Price: $9

Available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc. Cheapest online location: Ace Hardware Outlet ($5 ea.)

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WonderCon 2009

We had a real good showing at WonderCon this year, with at least 6 builders in attendance, and 4 droids.

Here’s some of us after the Builders panel: Steve, Me, Don B, Tiny and Gerard

The panel was a huge success, with standing room only – I think it helped that we had Don Bies on the panel this year 🙂

We also got to meet Mike from TotallyWired, and saw some of the new parts he’s been developing.

Here’s some of my favorite shots from the day

R2 even did a couple of interviews thru the day

As always additional photos in the gallery.

Big thanks to the 501st and my fellow builders for helping throughout the day, and to Don Bies for joining us on the panel.

Additional Pictures, Video and Articles:


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Maker Faire Coming Soon



The fourth annual Maker Faire is just around the corner (May 30th), it will showcase individual creativity and grassroots innovation in the largest festival devoted to DIY culture and technology in the country. We’re hoping to be there again with our droids, if you’re interested in joinng us drop me an email.

It’s kind of hard to describe the event, but PC Magazine put it pretty well “Maker Faire is an improbable mixture of spectacle and practicality–a combination of engineering, crafts, science, and art that seemed to sufficiently blur the lines between all four.”

[more info]


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Ozzie Clone Wars TV Spot – R2 Featured

[Links were broken – updated]

Here’s another video from the international press event I did for the Clone Wars back in October last year at the ranch.

Clone Wars - Australia

This spot was for Network Ten down in Australia. It was shot at the end of a very long day and I’m slightly embarrassed how it came out, I think Artoo was too animated and they were supposed to replace some of the sounds/music in post-production.

[Video on youtube]

Original can be found here with a lots of other cool video from that day, but I think it’s only accessible to folks in Australia – unless you mask your location by going thru a proxy.


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MakeSF: Artoo Presentation

I finally uploaded the photos from the last MakeSF Meetup I attended with Artoo. It was held at the HQ in San Francisco, and we had a pretty good turn out for a cold December evening.

MakeSF, is loosely associate with the Make Magazine / Maker Faire folks, and attended by a wide range of geeks, artists and engineer types from all over the Bay Area, who share projects they’re working on, skills and local resources. The events are always fun and you never know who’s going to be there or presenting.

I really enjoy taking Artoo apart and showing how he works

Typically at these events people stay in their seats, but It’s not only kids that can’t help swarming Artoo – We’re in there somewhere 🙂

Big thanks to fellow Makers for allowing me to share their photos.

Additional Photos


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