New Workshop

I’ve recently moved and been slowly working on a new workshop, so I thought it was about time I share some photos. It’s a much bigger (and cleaner) space than I’ve ever had, approx 13 feet square and decked out with more counter space and storage than I can currently use.


Since taking these photos I’ve added carpet, more open shelves, installed a PC so I don’t have to worry about ruining my laptop, and I’ve started to fill the shop back up with tools, which I’m itching to get back to using.

I have a dedicated electronic/solder station with everything easy to hand and a nice comfy chair, so all those long nights of soldering up LEDs should be a little easier.



The wife calls it “The Box” or “Your Box”, as in “Go to your box” – which is somewhat appropriate as I want to paint the door like the Tardis 🙂

I also brought up one of my old workbenches, it’s not as fancy as the new one’s but it’s super practical, has a lot of sentimental value and I don’t mind bashing the hell out of it.


I also had a few fellow builders over a couple of weeks ago to show off the new space and to join me in an interview with the SF Chronicle, who are hopefully going to do a piece on us for WonderCon next week.




Johnathan’s R2 dome ready to go home



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Visit to River School Napa

Last Friday, the Bay Area R2 Builders visited the River School in Napa. Johnathan had arranged, via his wife who’s a teacher there, for us to do come in and do a little presentation on what we do, but with a strong underlying message of embracing what you love to do, overcoming peer pressure and bullying, perseverance and overcoming challenges.




Gerard decided to hide out in the crowd for part of the presentation and drive is droid around.


Here’s a short video from the Register

Thanks to Geeman Gerard, Matt and Steve for coming out. And a big thank you to Johnathan for putting together such a awesome event for the children and us.

The Napa Register was there to document our visit, and the story should hit the paper on Monday.

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