All Parts Received

Big milestone today. I received my last major part, an aluminum skirt from a fellow builder who offered to help me out for C4 – Thanks Allen 🙂

I still have a long way to go, and I’m sure there will be more countless trips to the hardware store to buy bits and I’ll most likely be upgrading some components along the way.

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More Parts – Power Couplers and Motor Mount Hubs

A few more parts arrived today, some awesome Power Couplers from Michael and a set of used motor mounting hubs made by Raul Raygoza for the shoulder satellite motors.

Power Couplers

Motor Hubs

I also got my set of R2LA & Celebration DVDs from Michael – can’t wait to watch them.

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More Parts arrive and more ordered

New Leg Hydrolics and Buttons arrived today from Ryan 🙂

Some other good news, I ordered a few more things today.

1) The super fantastic aluminum holoprojectors from Scott this week. I already had a set of Jason’s but these are just amazing so I couldn’t pass them up. Should have them sometime early February.

2) Aluminum Rear Logic Surrounds from Wayne – that means that all the visible components of my dome will now be metal.

Leg Hydrolics and Buttons

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More Parts Today

A few more parts arrived today: Rear Logic Electronics, Aluminum Front Logic Sorrounds , Aluminum Feet Half Moons.

I also placed an order with Jerry for a Center Ankle. It’s in stock so should ship soon.

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Lets Play Catchup

Okay, I was going to go back and retro-actively add events and decisions that had happened before I really got the blog of the ground – but decided it probably isn’t worth it.

As it stand I’ve made a lot of progress in finding parts, but still need some major things like legs, body and the skins. Word is that Jerry will be doing another run of legs sometime next year and someone else has stepped up and will do a variant of the JAG frame. I’m on the list for some skins, so I’m happy and will most likely not use the second hand A&A Frame I picked up in November.

Here’s a rundown on the parts I have in hand and if you check my Parts page you’ll see what I’ve got on order or missing.

Aluminum –

Coin Slots
R&J Dome
Utility Arms
Horse Shoes
Pocket Vents
Radar Eye
Resin/Alu Periscope Kit
Holo Projectors
Side Vents (WORR)
Large Data Port
Ankle cylinder holder (TomD)
Rockler Bering
Under shoulder details (Troy)
Front Logic Boxes (Tim S)
Battery Boxes (JAG)
Resin/Plastic –

Acrylic Radar Eye Len (Azman)
Resin Holo Projectors (Azman)
Front and Rear Logic Display Set (Azman)

Misc –

Dome Gear (A&A)
Scooter Motors
Motor Brackets
Bronze Braided Hoses (Mike V)

Electronics –

Front Logic Electronics Kit (J&B)
Rear Logic Electronics

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Top & Bottom Vent Inserts Ordered

I ordered a set of Vent Inserts from Dave who’s all the way down in Australia.

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Ordered my first parts

Well I’ve taken the plunge and ordered my first parts. Money has been sent and now the wait begins.

A set of metal outer feet from Jerry (JAG) which should arrive in January 07.
Feet Detail from TomD

Dome resin parts from Azman, including holo projectors, radar eye, and logic surrounds.

A shopping list of aluminum parts from Daniel at DroidStuff.

  • Leg Hubs
  • Utility Arms
  • Horseshoes
  • Shims
  • Radar Eye
  • Booster Covers
  • Retraining bolt on/off kit
  • Pocket Vents

and finally a laser cut aluminum dome from Ron and Jason (R&J)

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