Cutting Skins and Rear Door

Last week I finally got around to cutting out the skin panels and tackling the rear door. After I’d figured out the right tool for the job, removing the panel was a breeze and clean up was quick and easy.

Next up was the rear door. The outer skins already have it partially precut, but the inner skin is solid and it’s up to the individual to decide if they want to add a door or not.

I really wanted a rear access panel/door to make it easier to maintain things, but I’d been dreading cutting but it had to be done. The plan is to have a totally removable door fixed with magnets.

I started off by fixing the outer and inner skins together, outer skin door panel, and marked out where the back panel sits on the inner. I then drew a line just inside that by about 1/8″.

It’s probably worth noting that the only panel I removed from the inner skin was the two long doors. I wanted to keep the skin as ridged as possible, and if I’d removed any more sections before cutting it would have been very flex and prone to bending while cutting.

I then clamped on a scrap piece of aluminum from one of the front door panels and used it to guide the dremel.

Here it is after cutting – not bad and pretty straight.

I did the same to the top edge and the other side

Here’s the door cut out and shown with the outer skin

I cleaned up all the edges with a file and I was done.

I also cut out some extra space on the inner skins for the octagon ports and power couplers to help them sit flush with the outer skin.

I have two different versions of the octagon ports, the old tacked box version and another set from Michael McMaster. To be honest I really like the newer version from Michael but it requires a lot more work on the frame to get it to fit, so I decided to use the older version.

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