FS: Dome Logics/Electronics

Teeces has release a new set of dome electronics/logics, which now include PSI and HP lights.

As I did for the v2 logic boards, I’m going to offer my services to assemble the new v3 kits.  I will also have a few pre-assembled kits for sale or you can send me your kit to assemble.

Here’s a short video from John demoing the new kit

Full assembled v3 kit, including:

  • Assembled Front/Rear logics
  • Assembled PSI LED boards x2
  • Holo Projector LEDs x3
  • Cables
  • Joymonkey Bezels, screens and Diffusers
  • Arduino Mini Pro (pre-programmed)
  • 5V Regulator
  • Software loaded and thoroughly tested

Price $400

Assembly service $280 (you supply all the parts)

Optional at no charge:

  • Custom scrolling messages, with external triggers (interface to RF remote or switch)
  • Holo Projector LED on/off external trigger (interface to RF remote or switch)

Timeframe: Parts are on order, with shipping of first assembled kits in early October. $50 guarantees a spot.

Teeces unassembled kits available here from JoyMonkey

If you’re in the Bay Area, I’ll be hosting a free workshop in October to help builders assemble their kits.

Posted by Chris on August 17th, 2011 in Electronics | 2 Comments

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  1. E remarks on


    Is it possible to program the LEDs to fade / dissolve between colors to emulate fiber optics closer? Thanks


  2. Chris remarks on

    No sorry, the driver (MAX7219) chips don’t really support it. You can set the brightness, but it’s for all the LEDs. I guess you could fade them all in and out together.

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