Slip Ring Update

I started work on my test slip ring tonight and hope to get it installed in the next few days and report back on a new group order.

The sample slip ring has eighteen 2A circuits and I plan on grouping together 6 or 8 for the +/- 12VDC uplink to the dome, leaving ten circuits for PWM/servo signals. To save on circuits I’m not planning on routing the +/- 5VDC from each of the PWM pairs through the slip ring. As a result each RC channel will require just one wire allocated on the slip ring. I’ll just tap of the 12VDC in the dome and re-create a separate 5VDC supply for the servos.

Out of the box the slip ring wires are loose and really needed protecting.

I bought some braided expandable nylon wire wrap from a local surplus electronics store for less than a dollar.

I wrapped the ends in electrical tape to hold things in place.

Now that I have the wire wrap in place I can start soldering the wires to the connectors.

Here’s an overview video on how I plan to implement the wiring

Posted by Chris on April 14th, 2008 in Dome, Electronics | 4 Comments

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4 Responses

  1. Dave Cerame remarks on

    Or you could use some heat-shrink on the ends instead of tape.

  2. Chris remarks on

    You’re absolutely right, I should have used some heat-shrink tube, but at the time I didn’t have any handy 🙂

  3. John Cabaco remarks on

    Damn, I wish i new about these Slip rings befor I made my own. My slip ring is like a Propeller slip ring a large 10 Inch disk with 14 channels. It is sandwiched between my upper and lower plates of the 18″ bearing.

    My Artoo head does not have as many functions as yours.
    After seeing your slip ring I went on the SERVOTECNICA Web site and found another model the SRC022-24-4P/6S-AB
    It has 10 circuits: 4 circuits @ 6amp. And 6 Circuits @ 2amp.

    I will use the 6amp circuits for 12v and 5v power.
    And the other 6 circuits for everthing else.

    John C.

  4. Chris remarks on

    I’ve gotten a few different slip rings, the first came thru Servotecnica, but then later directly from a manufacturer in China. And recently saw they were for sale on eBay.

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