Sound System Demo Video

As promise here’s the demo video of the new CF-III setup. Sorry it’s so long.

P.S. Don’t forget the laptop is only used to show the diagnostic messages. It’s not needed for normal operation. Electrically this setup is exactly the same as all the other CF-II/CF-III systems in droids today. I’ve only added my custom code to add the extra functionality.

Posted by Chris on December 21st, 2007 in Electronics | 4 Comments

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4 Responses

  1. Bob Ross remarks on

    Hi Chris,

    Well done !! Really liked what you did. You’re definitely into the fun part of R2ing.

    I can’t wait to get off my lathe and all the mechanical stuff so I can get into the electronics and software.

    Have a great holiday !!


  2. DarthMoose74 remarks on

    I still hope you show the rest of us how to do the software part ourselfs!

    Great Work!

  3. Tim remarks on

    Hi Chris,

    I really like your setup. I had a few questions. Did you use a “serial port to a USB” cable to go from the CF sound box to the laptop? If you did any problems you needed to overcome? Was the Firmware easy to program? In order to use the rf remote boards did you need to get an additional module for the CF sound box?

    Thanks, Tim

  4. Chris remarks on

    I’ve used both a serial to USB adapter and a straight serial connection on a computer to talk to the CF3 module. Zero problems, but you really dont need a cable at all to program it. All the progamming is stored on the CF card that’s removable. No need to program/change firmware. RF remote talk to an RF receiver that’s connected to the CF3 input pins. Read more of the blog for details or see the wiki at for tutorials.

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