Thinking about dome electronics placement

With all the dome work yesterday I had time to think about it’s electronics and how I’m going to lay things out.

I’ve seen some people bond the dome ring to the dome, but I don’t think it’s such a good idea for me. For one I’m using the dome base plate that supports the periscope, and I’m thinking I’ll attach other things to it as well. The base plate is also bigger than the ring and it restricts access from the underside, so there would be no way to get in and fix a lot of things.

So the dome will split in two and I know have the dilemma that I’ll need decide where to put some things, either in the base or up in the dome, and then worry about running wires. For example, only the lift mech needs to attach to the dome plate, and it makes sense to put the weighty batteries down there too.

Initially the dome will contain the following this that are powered

  • Power Distribution Board – 12v in, 9v, 6v, 12v out
  • Front Logic -9v
  • Rear Logic – 24v
  • PSI’s- 9v x 2
  • Holo Projector Lights – 12v x 3
  • Vex Controller for Periscope Lift Mech – 6v
  • Batteries – 2 x 12v
  • Lift Mech Speed Controller – 12v

Later on I’ll be adding a few servos attached to the panels.

I think I’m going mount most everything on the dome base plate and run 3 power lines up into the dome with quick release.

Here’s a rough idea on layout

R2 Dome Electronics Rough Layout Idea

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  1. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    On your Syren10, How did you wire it to the Vex? I searched your site But could’nt find the answer.
    I’m going to order it next week and wire it to my new dome motor and see what happens.

  2. Chris remarks on

    I don’t have a wiring diagram, but it’s pretty easy. This post has show th connection to the Vex and dip switch settings.

    There’s only 4 other wires. 2 to the battery (V+/-) and 2 to the motor (M+/M-)

  3. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    The power wire from the Vex, This powers the Syren?
    Thats what I was worried about. I was’nt sure where the power line from Vex would connect.

  4. Chris remarks on

    Vex Power connect to either the Vex Battery pack or an alternate power source, e.g. I’m using Dan’s power distribution board (PDB) that supplies all my lower power electronics with juice. I have the Vex connected to the 6V output of the PDB.

  5. Martin remarks on

    Hi Chris,

    I have the syren10 connected to a spektrum receiver (6channel). I plugged It to the “gear” channel and I have the same configuration as yours, it worked only one time when I switched the Gear buttom at the R/C, but after that never worked again. Tried the syren10 for Dome and works, I have two syren 10 and they are working well.

    The syren10 power cames from the power dist board 12v output.

    I have also tried connecting to other channels for the periscope but doesn’t work at all.

    Do you know but could happen?


  6. Chris remarks on

    i would contact dimension engineer directly to see if they can troubleshoot the board.

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