RoboGames 2008 – Day 1 Highlights

I had a kick ass day at RoboGames. There’s way too many things to post about, but thought I’d throw up some photos.

The highlight has got to be getting in the arena with some of the battle bots.

R2 managed to flip this guy over using his own weapon against him

There were also a lot of cool art robots there, like this one serving beer

More photos in the gallery.

The good news is the new 3″ casters are working out great.

Big thanks to Dave and Simone for being great hosts to the group.

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RoboGames 2008 This Weekend

The 5th annual RoboGames, the world’s largest open robot competition, takes place this weekend, Friday, June 13th through Sunday, June 15th at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco.

The R2Builders Club will be in attendance on Saturday, this will be our second year at this very fun event.

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RoboGames 2007

Here’s a short video from RoboGames last year. My droid pops up in a few spots.

I’m hoping to be there again this year.

Thanks Vern for sharing.

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