KRON4 News Maker Faire Special

Excerpt from the 1hr Make Faire special that was televised on 7/23 on KRON4


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Ozzie Clone Wars TV Spot – R2 Featured

[Links were broken – updated]

Here’s another video from the international press event I did for the Clone Wars back in October last year at the ranch.

Clone Wars - Australia

This spot was for Network Ten down in Australia. It was shot at the end of a very long day and I’m slightly embarrassed how it came out, I think Artoo was too animated and they were supposed to replace some of the sounds/music in post-production.

[Video on youtube]

Original can be found here with a lots of other cool video from that day, but I think it’s only accessible to folks in Australia – unless you mask your location by going thru a proxy.


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Steve and R2-XS

Here’s Steve with R2-XS!

I’d popped over tonite to help with some minor tuning before WonderCon, and to start loading the van.

You can’t really tell by this single photo, but the paint is actually a purple/blue chameleon formula that changes color in different lighting.

He even has a matching purple interior.

Here’s a short video of XS in action, he’s pretty speedy even with the heavy Optima battery in there 🙂

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Systm / Dancing R2 Video

Short video shot by one of the staffers at Revision3

Notice the squeak? That’s one of my casters that needed some grease. It’s all fixed now, but it’s a good example of why you need to keep on top of regular checkups and maintenance.


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Revision3 / Systm: SW Episode

Here’s the episode of Systm featuring Artoo

Luke, Darth and Obi-Wan’s Lightsabers were pieced out of junk piles. David shows you how to build exact replicas and an original design from The Custom Saber Shop. Then he picks a fight with Patrick.

[Episode Information and download page]

[Youtube Version]


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Fanboys, A Star Wars road trip film opens this week

“Fanboys” opens this weekend, it takes place in 1998 where three friends, anxious for the release of “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”, attempt to break into George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch to steal an advance print of the film. Their motivation, one of them is dying from cancer and wants to see it before he dies. The film is directed by Kyle Newman.

Some of the props and droids used in the movie were supplied by members of the R2 Builders Club, watch out for a R5 and a black imperial droid, oh and the Ewok head, that one belongs to Mike Senna.

With a bit of luck you might see droids at the various premiers around the country starting tomorrow in LA and in San Francisco on Wednesday.


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Cool Video on the TechShop

Very cool video from BoingBoing TV showing the TechShop in Menlo Park, CA – it’s kind of a “gym”  for geeks / community tinkering space. Membership is required, but they do have a vast array of machines that would help any R2 Builder along.

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My Artoo in a Clone Wars Promo

A friend just sent me this video from Sky TV in the UK, it’s from the international press day that I was involved in at the ranch for the new Clone Wars TV series

Watch for my droid at the beginning and at the 2:49min mark, blink and you’ll definitely miss him.


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