Giant Lego R2-D2 Event

We’ve been having a mini heat wave the last few days, but I was still able to get out this weekend with Artoo.

Late on Friday I found out that “Master Model Builder” Stephen Gerling from Lego would be in town building a giant eight foot R2 at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo. So I just had to take Artoo along to check it out.

With temperatures up in the mid 90’s by lunchtime on Saturday and no AC in my droid mobile we headed out. It felt like everyone was trying to go where we wanted to go, and we sat in traffic for almost an hour while trying to leave the coast side. Usually the mall is only 20 minutes way, but everyone wanted to escape the heat and hit the beaches – so traffic just limped along.

We quickly unloaded and headed into the mall – breezing by security, who must have though we were part of the attraction!

The building had already started on Friday night and it looked like they were about a quarter of the way done by the time we arrived.

There was an army of kids making small section of the Artoo, while Master Builder Stephen orchestrated the placment of pieces.

We were totally mobbed the entire time we were there

This has got to be one of the cutest shots of the day

Thanks to Stephen for being a good sport and allowing us to crash the party 🙂

I’d really like to go back on Sunday to see it done, but I’ve got a previous engagement.

More Photos

Update 5-27-08: I never did make it back on the Sunday to see the finished model, but here’s some photos of it I found on Flickr.

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R2 Flip Book

Even Artoo got in on the act at Maker Faire and made his very own flip book with the help from Eddie at Check out the video

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R2 Maker Faire News Coverage

I’ve been inundated with emails from people who saw us at Maker Faire. Here’s some of the reaction from the internet and media out there.

And if you Google on “Maker Faire R2D2” then you should get a sea of blog posts and videos 🙂

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Maker Faire – Dance Program

Short video compilation of Artoo dancing with the children at Maker Faire.

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Maker Faire Photos

Here’s some highlights from Maker Faire, the complete album can be found here.

Friday’s Education Day



Wall-E who?

Jedi or Jawa? You decide.

Danger R2-D2!!

Artoo at the Star Wars Button Making workshop with Bonnie Burton

Big thanks to Vern from Nuts and Volts Magazine for providing copies of Servo and Nuts and volts Magazines where the Builders Club was recent features.

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Maker Faire Award

I’ve had a crazy couple of days at Maker Faire, and we still have one more day to go. I’ll be posting a full update and photos tomorrow, but just had to post this tonight.

We won a Maker Faire Editor’s Choice award for our creations and participation. This is a great honor and surprised considering the 100’s of cool Makers and their creations at the event.

Make Faire is a production of Make: Magazine, which the R2 Builders Club was featured in a few years ago, and is held every year in San Mateo, California, with in excess of 45,000 people in attendance.

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Maker Faire – T-minus 1 hours

Maker Faire is this weekend and I’ve had a fun week getting ready. I’ve cleaned up and fixed a bunch of stuff that have been bugging me, and added a few new features.

Today, Friday is Education Day so I’ll be heading out in about an hour with Steve for a day of special programming targeted at school students.

On Saturday, in addition to the R2 Builders (now dubbed R2 Makers for the weekend), there will be a few other Star Wars related exhibits at the faire.

Bonnie Burton from LucasFilm will be presenting Star Wars Crafts: Marble Magnets

and my friend Richard Jacobsen, prop maker extraordinaire, will be showing you how to Build Your Own Vacuum Forming Machine. So if you’ve wondered how those cool Stormtrooper costumers are made – this is the thing to see.

Matthew Carauddo will be showing off his Crystal Focus LED “lightsaber” Project.

We’ll be based in the main Expo Hall (exhibit #1075), but watch for us through the faire.

For the full schedule click here.

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