24v battery requirement revisited / Ideas

I’d previously mentioned the problem I have that the rear logic display requires 24v to run.

I’m considering using some slim 12v battery packs to run all the dome electronics as I’d rather not run a seperate 24v line up from the main batteries.
For Example, these batteries may do the trick –

2 x 12V 3000 mAh NiMH Battery Packs for Airsoft Guns or 2 thin 12V SLA 2200 mAh Batteries

Apart from rear logic my dome electronics can mostly run on anything from 9v – 12v. I’d connect the 12v batteries in series to make 24v for the rear logic and tapping off one to get the 12v. Maybe balancing circuits off each 12v battery to help spread the load.

I’m hoping for a 6-8 hour runtime on a single charge and a breakdown on the mA required are as follows –
2 x PSI (9v) = 100 mA each, 200mA total
2 x Front Logic Displays (9v) = 50mA total
108 LED Rear Logic Display (24v) = 1-5mA for the PIC Flasher, 45 mA for the LEDs, 50mA total
Front Holoprojector = Undecided/Unknown. Estimate 5mA max

Giving me grand total of 305mA, and on a set of 2200-3000 mAH batteries source would give me at least 7-10 hours of runtime, assuming there’s no drop off in voltage as they drain.

Another interesting idea – Andrew Schwartz is using one 24v cordless drill battery in his dome and converting to 12v and 9v where required.

Weight and space might also be an issue, but I’ve seen domes with huge D type battery packs installed and hoping for a cleaner/rechargeable solution giving me the 12v and 24v in one set of rechargeable batteries.

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