Attaching Battery Boxes

Here’s a quick run down on how I attached the battery boxes to the feet.

I have the steel feet from JAG which include pre-cut key mounting holes for the battery boxes. I’d already fixed screws to the boxes when I cut out the holes for the motors.

But one of the problems with using the screws/key holes is that’s it’s almost impossible to set them correctly to get the boxes to fit (and hold) the boxes tight to the feet. I think if I didn’t have the NPC motors sticking well into the boxes, then the setup would work, but with the motors in place just getting the boxes on is challenge enough – without worrying about the key holes.

The other problem I had was the boxes were not even close to being straight/true, so when the front was tight to the foot the back had a gap, and vis versa. I’d tried tweaking them without much luck.

Originally I’d tried using some large beefy magnets to help fix the boxes to the feet. They kind of worked, but were easily pulled apart and had a problem getting the front and back to sit flat due to the warped boxes.

Gerard gave me a great tip to just screw the box from the back inside to the bottom of the foot – and it worked a treat.

I just held the box in place, marked and drill a hole in the box and thru to the foot

I tapped the hole from the underside of the foot

I’m still using the side key holes as well, but the new screw holds everything in place and stops the boxes from springing away from the feet.

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