Attaching Battery Harnesses

Another quick post with old work, this time on how I attached the battery harnesses to the boxes.

If you’ve been reading any R2 blogs for any length of time you’ll notice that most builders love silicon. It’s a very versatile and used to attach all sorts of things on your droids.

I’ve found out the hard way that not all silicon is created equal. Victor highly recommends GE Silicon II, and I have to second that. I’ve tried the generic brands and found they sometimes do not dry as well, especially if it’s a used tube, and often it will not bond well to aluminum or pull away after a while. This could be my lack of experience, but I’ve yet to have a problem when I’ve used the GE product.

I don’t think you need much silicon to hold the battery harnesses in place. I decided to add some to the top and the back side of the top swivel bracket.

And then gooped inside the lower bracket

I then moved the around until I was happy with the position and clean up the excess silicon before it had time to set.

Posted by Chris on March 29th, 2008 in Feet | 2 Comments

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2 Responses

  1. Victor Franco remarks on

    That’s the stuff! 10 months and my battery harnesses are holding strong. 🙂


  2. Chris remarks on

    i hope so. i kept on checking the under shoulder detail and harnesses whole time i had him out the first time just in case.

    i’m pretty confident they’ll hold for a very long time unless something tugs on them really hard.

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