Battery Terminals

This is a minor update, but thought it maybe worth posting.

When I swapped out the batteries for the larger 18Ah variety, they had screw down terminals. I knew I’d most likely be removing batteries frequently for charging and really didn’t want to use the screws to secure my cables, so I opted to use spring clips/clamps.

The problem is the spring clamps don’t work all that well, first they don’t hold because they loose their springiness, and then there’s the constant fear of shorting something with such a big plug. I’ve also needed to swap back to my smaller batteries a few times and the clamps just don’t work well on the small terminals.

So, I decided to add small extensions to the battery terminals to go back to using regular crimp connectors.

I may go one step further and shield the exposed terminals – just in case 🙂

Posted by Chris on June 6th, 2008 in Electronics | No Comments

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