Center Foot Ball Caster Maintenance

I finally got time today to do some overdue maintenance.

I started off with the biggest issue that would most likely stop me going out again anytime soon – The center foot. At the museum event last week I’d noticed it was jittering way to much – it was probably the cobble stones that finally pushed the casters over the edge.

On the bench – I was surprised to find the two rear casters still in good condition and span fine, but the front one was in sad shape and would not move without some force. It has several gashes, dents and cracks – which isn’t a surprise really considering how hard I’ve been driving him this last year on all sort of surfaces.

I opened up the housing and on closer inspection it was obvious why it wouldn’t turn. It had developed a bulge and become pear shaped.

I could just replace it with another ball caster, but it would fail again. I’ve been planning on trying out some regular swivel casters for sometime, so later this week I’m going to try and get them mounted. The issue will be trying to get them to fit in the foot shell and maintaining the same clearance as before.

Posted by Chris on May 26th, 2008 in Feet | 6 Comments

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  1. Paul remarks on

    Hi Chris!

    This is the exact reason why I have removed my 3 casters and gone with the castering setup Jerry C has suggested. If you need any McMaster numbers (wheels), or other part info, just let me know!

  2. Chris remarks on

    Thanks Paul.

    I’m hoping to use 3″ casters rather than 2.5″, it’s going to be tight and will need some hacking/tweaking to both the foot and casters but according to the info I got from Victor they should just about fit.

  3. Matt remarks on

    Where did you get the ball casters if you don’t mind my asking.

  4. Chris remarks on

    They’re no longer being made. You may get lucky at McMaster Carr or Outwater Plastics, but last I heard both are out.

  5. Gilles remarks on

    Hi, your center foot balls castors look nice !
    Could you tell me where did you buy its ?

  6. Chris remarks on

    The ball casters are no longer made.

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