Disney Trip (now with more droids)

A few weeks ago we went down to Disneyland for a mini vacation. You wouldn’t think this would have anything to do with droid building, but you’d be surprised.

The night before we were to leave I’d spotted that the Lego guys would be at Downtown Disney building another giant R2-D2, so I fired off an email to Victor to see if he’d like to meet up.

As luck would have it he and Mike were free and we arrange something for both Saturday and Sunday evening.

Here we are with Stephen Gerling, Master Lego Builder, and the mini Artoo they use as reference when building the 8 foot model. I’d met him once before when he was in the Bay Area doing a similar event at the Hillsdale mall in San Mateo.

Sadly, the mall security wouldn’t allow them to bring in their real Artoo’s, but we did get to hang out for a while.

Of course no trip to Disney is complete without a few goes around on the Star Tours ride, which is full of droids


And here’s a few more Star Wars builds at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney


We also watched the “Jedi Academy” attraction in the park – no droids, but lots of action 🙂

Competition was fierce among the kids waiting to get picked to participate, I thought this little girl was very clever with her sign – and she was one of the first selected

Finally here’s a video I shot of Honda’s Asimo in Tomorrowland, almost a Star Wars droid right?


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  1. Chris remarks on

    Awww man, wish I had known you were going to be in town, I could have joined you guys. (and got you all in for free)

    Drop me a line next time!

    /Chris (Exavior)

  2. Chris remarks on

    Sorry about that. We did post it to the Yahoo! Group that we were trying to do something.

    Next time 🙂

  3. Chris remarks on

    No worries!

    I’ve been crazy busy lately so I’ve not been keeping up with the yahoo group so much… and the number of off topic posts has kinda of made me read it less.

    Looks like you guys had fun though!

    /Chris (Exavior)

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