Dome Bumps / Switches

My dome has a self contained power system, and I wanted to use the dome bumps as switches. Rather than re-invest the wheel I decided to copy what Victor had already done as it looked like a great solution.

The switches are from Radio Shack, Part #275-693. The original surrounds on the switches are square’ish and need rounding.

Here’s the switches before and after sanding. I carefully spun them against a bench sander to remove the corners.

Here they are all painted and ready to install

There is a catch to painting them. You basically have to do it twice because once you flip the switch it exposes an area that the paint can’t reach on the first pass.

Next up I had to drill out the inner and outer dome for the switches, but the drill bit I had wasn’t quite big enough so I had to fill down the last bit to get a good fit.

Dome switch holes

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