Dome Drive Part 2

I must confess I screwed up the Dome Drive install early today. I’d rushed to get it done and in the classic DIY trap I had some extra parts left over. I had thought they may have been for the A&A frame install, and my setup was working RIGHT…. but it had a problem. The bracket was sagging and the extra parts were need to give it some extra rigidity. A quick email from Daren with some photos put me me straight.

Another mistake I made, I had pushed down the wheel too far onto the motor. It needs to sit up like this

However, once done I realized I had another problem. The power connectors to the motor were getting in the way of my new electronics panel. I can here you say “No problem, just flip the motor!”

Well I did try flipping the motor around, but the drive shaft is not centered, so now my wheel is further away and the spring which holds it against the dome bearing is too short.

It’s late and I’m going to sleep on it, but at least my new door closes!

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