Dome Fitting / Gaps Part 2

As I said in my post last night I was able to start on fitting the two domes together.

I’d already read about Victor’s problems on fitting his domes. From his photos I don’t think mine were as bad but I definitely had gaps. You can’t see much once the domes are on top of each other so I had to spin the outer dome around and peek thru the top holoprojector hole and check spacing.

I did some light sanding but things we’re changing much, so being the impatient person I am I decided to use a power sander and give the top of the inner dome a once over to try and remove some of the waves/lines. Fit was much much better and I decided to remove the pie panels and see how far I needed to go.

I’d already read Jerry’s tutorial over at so rather than repeat too much stuff here. I’d strongly recommend reading it if you’re just starting on your R&J Dome.
I “crafted” a mini saw out of a cheap/small hacksaw blade with some duct-tape wrapped around it. I didn’t want to use a standard hacksaw blade as they looked too big and the recommendation was to use an Xacto-hacksaw which I couldn’t find locally. So my make-shift mini-saw did the trick.

Makeshift mini-saw

Here’s the top of the dome all cut out.

Pie Panels Removed

The only place there was any significant gaps where at the bottom of the pie wedges. Not huge I know and I’m thinking I may not even need to do much more once I factor in the glue that will be holding things together. However if I decide to use hinges then I may need to tweak the gap some.

Gaps at bottom of pie wedges

So the plan today is to do some additional fitting and checking the other panels. I know there’s space behind some and I also need to clean up areas of the inner dome that will be exposed thru the outer.

Maybe I’ll even get to cutting some holes today.

As always more pictures in the Dome Album.

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