Frame Update – Slow but steady progress

I’m working on the frame again this weekend.

This week I bought more aluminum and got some more parts cut out and ready for assembly, I also lucked out and got some spare parts from Jerry. I still need to cut, drill and machine more but I’m making progress. With a bit of luck I’ll get the vertical rods drilled and taped this weekend and I can start putting the frame together early next week.

Partial Frame

One of the challenges on working with the official club spec drawings is that they’re in inches, and being from the UK and brought up on the decimal system (mm, cm etc) it’s hard to get my brain around it, especially when it comes to inches quotes in decimal – confused? I know I am. How do you measure 3.8750 inches with a ruler that only has fractions marked on it? Here’s a handy chart that help me along.

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