Green Endor R2

Another long night of working on R2.

Not sure what came over me today, could have been the paint fumes, but out of the blue I suddenly decided to do a green camo Endor R2 instead. Here’s the test coat on the alu skirt.

Just kidding. This is the self etching primer. I still need to fill some gaps but this should be white by this time tomorrow.

I also got the second half of the skins and the rear door glued together. I’m glad that I’ve gone with epoxy, but the long dry time is killing me. I had to buy some extra clamps so I could move forward while I waited on the first half to dry.

I’ll try and post some pictures and blog tomorrow.

Posted by Chris on November 27th, 2007 in Finish/Paint | Comments Off on Green Endor R2


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