Halloween at Hiller Aviation Museum 2008

It’s Halloween time again and we got a return invite to the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos.

Like last year it was a low key event with mostly younger children and their parents in attendance.

Steve, his daughter Anna and myself showed up with Artoo Saturday afternoon, and were mobbed from the outset, it was hard to see Artoo at times.

What’s nice about children of this age is that they totally believe that Artoo is real and very rarely look for an operator.

This kid dressed as a Commander Rex was a real pain, he wouldn’t stop beating on Artoo and kept on trying to open panels or rip something off.

To escape we went on a little tour of the museum.

There were a also few bounty hunters there from Black Fleet, but it looked like most kids were scared of them 🙂

As always more photos in the gallery.


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