January 2009 Summary

I can’t believe January is already over – it’s been a busy couple months, but nothing major to report and no modifications/additions to the droid. We’ve been at a few events along the way and I’ve been tardy in posting photos and updates – sorry :)  On top of that I’ve been slowly building up to maybe working on a second droid. I’m really tempted to try my hand at putting together a light weight Styrene droid based on Dave Everett’s new plans.

Con season is also just around the corner, so that means working on schedules and fixing a few things, I’ve also been helping Steve with R2-XS to get it ready for WonderCon, which start on February 27th. It was a year ago that he met Gerard and I there.

WonderCon has grown considerably since Comic-Con took over, and last year they had close to 30,000 people in attendance, so no small con by any means. We’ll be hosting another Droid Building Panel, and the good news is Don Bies has kindly agreed to be our special guest, so if you’re in town you’ll have to stop by and say hi.

And today, I finally got my new license plates I ordered last August on the van.


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  1. The Wife remarks on

    I think Artoo needs a K-9 buddy (hint, hint)

  2. Steve remarks on

    I didn’t know that R2 could print plates through his large data port.

    He will be putting prisoners out of work!

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