Laying Out Skirt Ribs

Over the weekend I’d tried to mark out where the ribs/strips would go on the skirt. It was late and I couldn’t figure it out and it looked all wrong. The next morning I called a few friends and they confirmed that this is a tricky step. I’d checked and rechecked the angles but it still didn’t look right. The outer ribs where too close together and the center one’s too far apart. I tried eye balling from reference photos (see first photo), but I still wasn’t happy.

Eyeballing ribs

Today I printed of the skirt plans full size and straight away I could see that I’d screwed up drawing out my own version of the plans/angles full size.

Alu skirt on plans

The moral of the story is check, recheck, check again – go away, sleep, and check again before bugging your friends 🙂

Over the holiday I’ll try and get the ribs drilled, tapped and secured to the skirt ready to painting next week.

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