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R2-RSSThere’s a bunch of builders blogs out there these days, and if you’re like me it’s hard to keep track of them all. Luckily we have RSS, but even then it’s hard to track down and enter all those addresses.

To help fix the problem I’ve created a consolidated RSS feed containing around 40+ of the builders blogs I track that are focused on droid building. i.e. they post about building progress, techniques, R2 events etc. (rather than lots of Off-Topic posts with a bit of building thrown in.)

The new feed can be found here if you’d like to use it too, or drop me a message if you’d like your blog added


If you are included I’d appreciate a link back to my website or maybe a link to the Mega feed.

I also highly recommend Google Reader for all your RSS reading needs.

Posted by Chris on March 25th, 2008 in General | 17 Comments

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  1. DarthMoose74 remarks on

    Then I would not have to post a thread everytime there is an update 🙂

  2. Chris remarks on

    Feed added. Keep up the good work.

  3. Heiko Heinitz remarks on

    …it is in german – nobody ist perfect 😉

  4. Chris remarks on

    I’m sorry, I tried really hard to get an automatic translation of your German blog integrated, but it wouldn’t quite work.

  5. Todd & Jessica Bixby remarks on

    Here’s our droid blog. Thanks 😀

  6. Chris remarks on

    Hi Todd

    More than happy to add your blog, if you can return the favor and link back to my website that would be great.


  7. Dave Royer remarks on

    Will post link as soon as i figure out how to post links. i need to put to it also!

  8. Chris remarks on

    Sure, I can add it. I’m going to do a bulk update this weekend and will get to it then.

    If you could return the favor and add mine to your site that would be great.


  9. Liz Wrightson (jedibith) remarks on

    I’d love to have my build blog added — got your on the blogroll already!

  10. Chris remarks on

    Done 🙂

  11. Zac Freer remarks on

    Please to be adding my R3 budget build!

  12. buhatkj remarks on

    Hiya Chris,

    My blog is at

    I have already linked you back 🙂


  13. Chris remarks on


  14. George Westwater remarks on

    could you please add my builders blog to the feed

  15. Chris remarks on

    New additions are on hold right now, as I need to work around some limitations in the software I wrote. Sorry.

  16. Ric Hampton remarks on

    I am looking for the R2-D2 Skirt diminsion.
    I have looked everwhere on the diffrent sites. Help me obiwan, you are my only hope?

  17. Chris remarks on

    Check here and skirt files are toward the end the list.

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