Mounting the Electronics

I made a start today on mounting the electronics like the speed controllers, Vex Micro controller, Fuse Block/Circuit Breaker, Power Distribution Board etc.

At first I was pretty sure I could fit everything on the plate I’d cut and mounted. I’d done some rough measurements a few weeks ago and it looked like everything would fit on one side.

R2 Electronics Mounting Plate

But today I laid everything out and it’s just too tight, especially when you start wiring things up it’s going to get ugly fast.

I think I’m going to move the CF3 Sound Card and RF Remote to the back (inside) of the mounting plate.

Posted by Chris on April 28th, 2007 in Electronics | 2 Comments

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  1. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    What will the Roboteq be used for?
    And that Breaker box is Awesome, Where did you get it?

  2. Chris remarks on

    The Roboteq is the drive system speed controller and I got the breaker box on ebay. It uses Maxi fuses, but can accept circuit breakers too. Total with shipping was under $20 and it arrived within a few days.

    Seller is hw836 and do a search on his listings for “Fuse Block Maxi”

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