Mystery Box

Anyone want to hazard a guess what I’m trying to make here?

This photo should give it away

More photos in a few days

Posted by Chris on August 2nd, 2008 in Electronics | 5 Comments

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5 Responses

  1. Paul J. Bussiere remarks on

    I’ll hazard a guess…a central control panel/power panel?

  2. Tiny remarks on

    Looks like someone is making his own Hitchiker KeyKoder. Are you gutting out the 12 channel remote for it?

  3. Chris remarks on

    We have a winner, Tiny is correct. I’ve gutted out a couple of RF transmitters and will be installed them in the custom Keycoder. You can just make out one of the boards in the last photo. I’ll be joining them together to only have one antenna and battery setup.

    Here’s another shot

  4. Exavior remarks on

    Looking good!

    Are those switches momentary or toggle?


  5. Chris remarks on

    Momentary – (on)-off-(on). I didn’t want to spend an arm or a leg on the switches so picked up some cheap SPDT. If I could have gotten some sub-mini in (on)-off for under a buck that would have been my ideal solution. I also tried momentary buttons but didn’t like them so much.

    Technically I could get away with 12 switches and double each up to operate two channels, or have 4 RF boards for 48 channels 🙂

    But I could see myself getting confused and flipping up when I should be doing down. On some like the volume control I may still do that but probably not for all.

    The Vantec keykoder is (on)-off-on, so each channel can be locked, but that’s not really an option in this case with the RF remotes, not on the switch side anyway – latching is done on the receiver.

    I also have a version of the box with just 12 holes/switches. When I start wiring it up I’ll decide then if I’ll stick with 12 or 24 switches.

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