New Vex – The Vexplorer

For those of you following along from the start you’ll know that I’m using the Vex System to control my droid.

Vex was originally a joint venture between IFI Robotics and RadioShack, but they parted ways back in 2006 and IFI took full control of the Vex Labs company.

Recently Vex Labs introduced the second generation Vex system called Vexplorer. On the surface it’s a simpler (and cheaper) design, but does have some cool things in the starter kit like a 2.4 GHz remote camera. The remote transmitter is a lot smaller too, more like a game controller.

New Vexplorer - Vex Labs

It maybe worth checking out if you’re shopping around for a programmable micro-controller to run your droid.

Looks like the micro-controller is NOT programmable. So I can’t see this being much use beyond using it as a standard RC setup.  VexLabs has dubbed the new controller Vex-Blue vs Vex-Red for the original system I use.

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