If you’re looking for R2 parts, then please check the main R2 builders website to see what’s being offered right now. You may also want to ask on the discussion list.

My goal is to build and R2 made of mostly aluminum or metal parts.

Parts Needed/Not Ordered

Nothing – I’m all set 🙂

Parts on Order/Arriving Soon


Parts Received or Made

Aluminum –

Steel Center Foot (JAG)
Battery Harnesses (WORR)
Alu Skirt (JAG)
Octagon Ports (McMaster)
Alu Hubs
Alu Booster Covers
Metal Outer Feet (JAG)
Alu Frame
Leg to Body Hub
Coin Slots
R&J Dome
Utility Arms
Horse Shoes
Pocket Vents
Radar Eye
Resin/Alu Periscope Kit
Holo Projectors
Side Vents (WORR)
Large Data Port
Ankle cylinder holder (TomD)
Rockler Bering
Under shoulder details (Troy)
Front Logic Boxes (Tim S)
Battery Boxes (JAG)
Alu Restraining Bolt
Alu Center Ankle (JAG)
Alu Coin Returns (WORR)
Alu Buttons and Hydrolics (Ryan)
Alu inner and outer foot detail (TomD)
Alu Power Couplers (McMaster)
Alu Outer Legs (JAG)
Top & Bottom Vent Inserts (Dave E)
Alu Skins (John)
Alu Rear Logic Box (WORR)
Knurled Cable Fittings (JAG)
Ankle Detail
Outer Ankles (JAG)

Resin/Plastic –

Acrylic Radar Eye Len (Azman)
Misc –

Bronze Braided Hoses (Mike V)

Electronics –

Front Logic LED Electronics Kit (J&B)
Rear Logic LED Electronics
VexLabs RC Controllers
CF3 Sound System
RF Remote

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