Periscope Test

Tonight I quickly but together my periscope kit with some tape to check if I had enough clearance in the new dome panel holes.I’d left approximately 3/16″ around the border and the periscope was a tad tight at the top where it flares out as it lowered into the hole. So I’ll need to tweak the dome some more, but will hold off for now until I finish assembling the periscope fully.

Periscope Test Fitting

Periscope Up!

Posted by Chris on January 24th, 2007 in Dome | 4 Comments

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  1. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    That looks GREAT!!!
    So the 3/16 is too tight for the Periscope,
    I may have to open up that panel alittle.
    Have’nt been able to post much lately because of my comp died.
    But I’ve got alot of work done to R2 and he’s looking better.

  2. Chris remarks on

    Just a little and when I tighten things up after final assemble on the periscope kit it may not be so bad. I thinking having plenty of room is a good idea as I’m not sure how precise the raising mech will be yet.

  3. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    Have you done anything for the PSI mounting?
    I mounted mine and had to cut the dome ring for clearance for the PVC fitting.

  4. Chris remarks on

    I’ve done fitted the PSI housings I made yet. I’m expecting to have to cut the ring in several places to accommodate the PSIs, HP and possibly the new front logic insert from Doug.

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