R2 Builders in Servo Magazine & Nuts and Volts

With such a busy month I almost forgot to post this. The R2 Builders Club was featured in Servo Magazine and Nuts and Volts. Can you believe it, two great articles!

For Servo Magazine, Kate Stiles Howard cover the history of the club, plus a interviews with members and the story behind R2-KT.

And Vern Graner in his “Personal Robotics” column for Nuts and Volts talks about crafting an all-aluminum astromech droid with photos of hand-milled robot parts. There’s even a photo or two of my droid in there 😀

Read the full articles here

Posted by Chris on May 30th, 2008 in General | 2 Comments

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  1. Kevin remarks on

    Great! Hey Chris – The servo link goes to NutsAndVolts! ;o)


  2. Chris remarks on

    Thanks. Link should be fixed now.

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