Re-painting Skins Part 3

It’s been a slow Artoo week. In the last few days we’ve had big storms come through, loosing power for almost a day, 100mph winds and 8 inches of rain. There’s a break in the rain right now so I jumped at the chance to get some painting done this afternoon.

I’ve included some photos, but they”re all starting to look the same to me.

I went back and sanded down the rear skins to clean up the big run I made last time and gave them another coat.

I added an extra coat of white to the skirt and lower frame ring – but they’ll need several more, plus I goofed and put a run on the skirt 🙁

I rubbed down the long doors and the smaller panels and gave them another coat while I was at it. They would have probably been okay, but another coat of paint is always good.

I’ve also been busy work on the new website with Wayne and PixelFiend. Stay tuned for some great new features.

Posted by Chris on January 6th, 2008 in Finish/Paint | 1 Comment

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  1. Paul B remarks on

    Painting these parts is something I have terrible luck with too. I have to be blessed with always buying the can of spray paint that spits and splatters just as you are finishing. I have vowed to let a professional do mine from now on. Yes, that sounds lame since ANYONE can paint…but my luck just stinks.

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