San Jose Museum of Art

We had another successful event at the San Jose Museum of Art this last Tuesday. A few days earlier I’d read on Laughing Squid that there was going to be a party for the current exhibit “Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon“. Given that Artoo is such an icon I had to do my duty and take him along.

The only real issues we had at the event was the two city blocks of cobbled stones Artoo had to endure to get there, and having to sit in the droid mobile all day suffering temperatures in excess of 100 degrees – which cause some problems with parts expanding – resulting in dome drive problems, but I’m not sure if it was the heat or the cobble stones that did it. He definitely needs a tune up at this point.

Big thanks to Chinh, Steve and his family for support that night.

As usual more photos in the gallery, but here’s a sample.

As usual Artoo was a big hit with the kids, old and young

He was also able to take in some of the art

They were a little worried he was going to knock over the 21 foot styrene robot

He even met up with a Treadwell Droid

And did some light reading

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