Securing Artoo at Events

I’ve done enough all day events to now know that downtime and space is a good thing. It’s especially difficult when you’re the only one minding the shop. People sometimes just can’t seem respect that you’re on a break or trying to fix something – and just have to get close to Artoo for a photo.

To help with crowd control I bought some second hand retractable belt stanchions. I picked them up from a local airline for $20 a piece via an ad on Craigslist.

With 6 of these I can create a 7×14 space which should be plenty big enough to hold the fans at bay 🙂

I’d almost bought some the other day, but they’re super expensive to ship due to the weight and can run anywhere from $70-100 ea. for the really cheap variety, to over $400 for the top of the line models similar to what I got from the airline.

Now all I need is an event to use them at – maybe I can create a ticket line on the driveway for the local kids to come visit Artoo 🙂

Posted by Chris on May 19th, 2008 in Events | 4 Comments

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4 Responses

  1. Calvin remarks on

    Never thought about that problem.
    That was a good buy you got.
    You learn alot when you get out in public, It’s a whole new ballgame.
    Glad to see your really enjoying your R2 :o)

  2. Victor Franco remarks on

    Great idea! There are so many times you need some space with R2.

    Hey, bring them to the movies, dinner, anywhere you need VIP status, with our without R2! 🙂


  3. Paul Novak remarks on

    That is cool.

    Now you need to create an R2 trailer so he can pull them along. 😉

  4. Johhn Barrett remarks on

    Wow!!! I’m sure I will look into this when I have mine out and about. I dont think its so much the kids faults as it is the parents. Some gotta teach the kids how to respect other peoples property. All the Blood sweat and tears we put into these droids says it all. Not to mention the money!!! Good idea Chris!!

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