Slip ring servo board brackets

I added some support brackets to the slip ring servo boards. Nothing fancy just a small piece of extruded aluminum with a few holes in it.

I made them slightly longer than the boards to allow extra holes for mount.

Posted by Chris on April 27th, 2008 in General | 4 Comments

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  1. Paul Novak remarks on

    Very cool design. Where do you get those plugs for the servos that you have on the boards? What are they called?

  2. Chris remarks on

    Plugs are standard RC type, but sometimes called header plugs and used for a lot of electronic applications.

    The row of pins are standard header pins. I got mine at local electronics store for a few pennies, and can be found virtually anywhere.

    here’s a closeup of the pins

  3. Paul Novak remarks on

    Thanks! Turns out we had them at work. And one of the guys I work with actually had 2 PC boards lying around to go from the DB25 to the header pins! I got lucky and asked the right guy 😉

  4. Chris remarks on


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