Slip Rings

A slip ring, in electrical engineering terms, is a method of making an electrical connection through a rotating assembly.

In our case it could be used to route power and other signals into the dome, but still allow it to rotate continuously without tangling wires.

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting a slip ring in my droid for a couple of reason

  • Remove the needs for extra batteries in the dome and save weight at the same time
  • Easier charging of the batteries
  • I’m upgrading my RC setup to 2.4Ghz in the next month, and this would allow me to eliminate an expensive second receiver in the dome.

Here’s a quick picture of a sample I picked up today.

Slip Ring

It’s pretty small, but offers 18 circuits, each capable of 2A. The company that sells them is close to where I work and they also sell a much smaller 6 circuit design as well as 12 and 24 in the same size package as above.

I plan on testing it out in the next couple of weeks and will report back on my findings.

Posted by Chris on March 27th, 2008 in Electronics | 7 Comments

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7 Responses

  1. Thomas Nixon remarks on

    Cool!! How much is it?


  2. Guy V remarks on

    Yeah, a 12 would be perfect! Let us know please Cvhris!


  3. Tom Sepe remarks on

    What is the company that makes these slip rings? Would love to know more…

  4. Chris remarks on

    They’re made by a company in Italy. I’ll send you the datasheet in a moment.

  5. Thomas Nixon remarks on thats close to me in europe 🙂 Maybe i could get a bunch for the builders club..hmm


  6. angel remarks on

    Hello I am in Europe and I am interested in the slip ring that you used, could you tell me the name of the company in Italy? thanks

  7. Chris remarks on

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