Some more weight stats

R2 Weigh inAs I was reassembling Artoo last night I took the time to weigh some assembled pieces as they went on.

Remember my droid is almost all aluminum and steel, and there’s always a lot of debate among builders about material and saving weight, so I thought it maybe good to report in on how things break down.

I did a weigh in last summer on my partially completed, but functional droid, and he came in at 155lb with the dome. I was expecting a big increase but was pleasantly surprised.

Each leg, including the foot, motor, motor mount, wheel, caster, battery box, hoses, wiring and the detail pieces comes in at is 32lb. I didn’t have the horse shoe or booster cover, and I’m guessing I could add another 5-7lb per leg for those.

The body/frame with the skins, internal battery hold, center leg mount, electronics and the detail pieces comes in at 50lb. This does not include the batteries. I was surprised it wasn’t more considering a raw JAG 4 aluminum frame is roughly 30lb.

Center leg with casters and detail pieces was 14lb.

The body has three 12V 7Ah batteries, totaling 10.5lb.

Give a total of around 153lb for everything but the dome, which is unchanged at 17lb and includes a single 1lb 12V 2.2Ah battery.

So I’ve gone from a 155lb to a 170lb droid which isn’t bad. I’m going to double check with a bathroom scale tomorrow, as I’m really surprised it wasn’t more.

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