Stacks of Magnets

I’d ordered a bunch of super strong ‘earth’ magnets last week and they arrived today. I’m hoping to use them in quite a few spots, hence the tall stacks.

The larger 3/4″ discs will be used to secure the battery boxes to the feet, the rods will be used on the removable back door, and the small 3/8″ discs in various spots, like securing the shoulder hubs to the legs for easy removal, and holding the front blue panel around the vents. I’m also going to experiment with using them to hold panels and doors closed, but they maybe too strong.

Posted by Chris on December 20th, 2007 in General | 3 Comments

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  1. Thomas Nixon remarks on

    Wow…what great ideas. Magnets could solve a few of my up and coming issues with my droids. I thought I could also use them to hold some lighting brackets in place in the domes. And maybe even, if they are strong enough, to hold the domes inplace.


  2. Chris remarks on

    Don’t forget that magnets can and will slide around when knocked. I think a few people maybe using them to hold the dome in place, but I’m not sure I’d risk my 20lb dome to magnets. You may want to pose this question to the group.

  3. Thomas Nixon remarks on

    You have a good point. I have a plexiglass dome but it will be heavy none the less. That may require a rethink on my part 🙂

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