SyRen10 Speed Controller and Vex Setup

A couple of people have written and asked how I configured the SyRen10 Speed Controller and how I connected it to Vex Micro controller, so I thought it best to document it here for future reference.

Setup and wiring was very easy, and I simply went through the online SyRen setup wizard and picked logical answers.

As you can see all but dip switch one are set to ON.

SyRen10 Vex Settings

And here’s how the controller is connected to the Vex

Vex to SyRen10 Speed Controller

There’s only 4 other wires needed, 2 to the battery (V+/-) and 2 to the motor (M+/M-)

Posted by Chris on April 9th, 2007 in RC | 6 Comments

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6 Responses

  1. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    That’s Awesome!!!!
    Can’t wait to get to the electronic part.
    How’s the coding going, I don’t think I’ll understand the mplab though.
    I may have to stay with EasyC 2.0

  2. Chris remarks on

    I’ve got a good handle on the coding and will knock it out when the time comes. I don’t think it’s going to be very hard based on the tests I’ve done.

  3. Jim Quinlan remarks on

    Thanks for the vex info Chris ! I’m going to order a couple of those controllers. Your blog and info is greatly appreciated.

    I also have a robot building blog at

  4. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    Have you gave any thought to the Syren 20 for the foot motors?
    I’m not sure if it would handle the motors you have, But do you think it would handle the Scooter motors?

  5. Chris remarks on

    I have two Syren 20’s, and based on the specs I’m not sure they’re up to driving around a heavy droid. I was originally going to use them with some 24V scooter motors then had second thoughts after reading about some of the problems people had, so switched to the NPC-2212’s.

    Are you scooter motors 12V or 24V? That might make a difference too.

  6. Calvin Thomas remarks on

    They’re 24V and I was reading that the 100w Scooter motors were being controlled by a Scorpion Xl and I think it only handles about 12amp loads and the Syren are 20a/30amp
    Do you want to sell them?

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