Mounting Dome Electronics

I was getting tired of my disorganized electronics in the dome, so I made this little holder that mounts everything cleanly and is easily removed.

It’s just a piece of acrylic bent into a U-shape with an extra L-shaped shelf glued in the middle.

The various electronic boards are velcro’d into place for easy removal and the whole thing attaches to one of the dome ring supports.

Top: Syren10 Speed Controller (Dome Periscope), 12V/24V DC/DC Power Converter
Middle: Power Distribution Board
Bottom: 12 Channel RF Receiver

I secure the wires that run up to the dome to make sure I don’t accidentally pull everything off when the dome is removed

Please ignore the 16 gauge wire as well, I was running short of something lighter but didn’t want to make a special trip to the store.

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Variable 12-24V Converter

Back when I was thinking about stepping up my Pittman dome motor to 24V, and not wanting to have the extra complication of tying two batteries together to make 24V, I’d ordered some small Voltage Converters from ebay to experiment with.

I’m probably not going to install it for the new Dome motor as it’s working fine at 12V, but I do have a 24V supply in the dome for the rear logic lights. This will allow me to have a single 12V battery and save some weight. There is a loss of energy and battery life due to the conversion, but it’s supposed to be in the 90% range.

Update 5/1/08: Andy tipped me off that these board can also be found here.

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