WonderCon 2011

Well WonderCon is done for another year. Lots of fun, good company, tons of photos taken and a full builders panel again.

I think this was the largest builders turn-out we’ve ever had at WonderCon, by my count there were at least 6 droids and 10 builders in attendance.


No major problems to report, nobody lost any parts, screws or having a droid die half way around the show floor. Although Max’s drive system was making some funny noises by late Sunday, and I did manage to break a door panel off but was quickly fixed in time for the panel.

Here’s some highlights, starting off with the obligatory cute kids. The Jawa is the son of fellow builder Ryan Goff, and he did a great job hamming it up for the crowds.



Gerard did what we be believe was his first interview, the guy was from SiriusXM and was more of a geek than us and asked all the right questions. From the look of it the Geeman enjoyed it!
Looks like Matt also enjoyed showing off his droid

And bumped into a few strange characters along the way

Johnathan played the perfect droid security guard, sporting his new shirt. Can’t wait for the run of these!

But was pretty surprised at the price of pizza the convention center.

Here’s some of my fav costumes/characters

As usual more photos in the gallery.


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WonderCon 2009

We had a real good showing at WonderCon this year, with at least 6 builders in attendance, and 4 droids.

Here’s some of us after the Builders panel: Steve, Me, Don B, Tiny and Gerard

The panel was a huge success, with standing room only – I think it helped that we had Don Bies on the panel this year 🙂

We also got to meet Mike from TotallyWired, and saw some of the new parts he’s been developing.

Here’s some of my favorite shots from the day

R2 even did a couple of interviews thru the day

As always additional photos in the gallery.

Big thanks to the 501st and my fellow builders for helping throughout the day, and to Don Bies for joining us on the panel.

Additional Pictures, Video and Articles:


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