What the Beep!

The sound the little RF Receiver made every time I pressed the remote was really bugging me, so before going to bed I decide to remove the little ‘siren’.

I tried searching the internet and even found the new support forum for the product, but nobody seemed to know if the bleep could be turned off programatically, so I decide to simply remove it.

The siren or buzzer is located in toward center of the board

12 Channel RF Remote - Siren

I used a de-soldering tool to suck out the solder

I soldered in some wires just in case I need to re-attach the siren later to change the RF code. Sorry it’s such a bad picture

Much better 🙂

02/10/08 Update – Here’s the board with an LED added in place of the buzzer (don’t forget to add a resistor on the positive leg. Resistor size will vary and depends on your LED. Source voltage should be 12V, so as an example given a 3.3V LED with a forward current of 20mA, you’d use a 470 ohms resistor but something bigger will work too, but the LED will be a bit dimmer.)

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