What the Beep!

The sound the little RF Receiver made every time I pressed the remote was really bugging me, so before going to bed I decide to remove the little ‘siren’.

I tried searching the internet and even found the new support forum for the product, but nobody seemed to know if the bleep could be turned off programatically, so I decide to simply remove it.

The siren or buzzer is located in toward center of the board

12 Channel RF Remote - Siren

I used a de-soldering tool to suck out the solder

I soldered in some wires just in case I need to re-attach the siren later to change the RF code. Sorry it’s such a bad picture

Much better 🙂

02/10/08 Update – Here’s the board with an LED added in place of the buzzer (don’t forget to add a resistor on the positive leg. Resistor size will vary and depends on your LED. Source voltage should be 12V, so as an example given a 3.3V LED with a forward current of 20mA, you’d use a 470 ohms resistor but something bigger will work too, but the LED will be a bit dimmer.)

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  1. ARTOO-DETOO DOT NET - R2-D2 Building Blog » Blog Archive » 12 Channel RF Remote Notes remarks on

    […] So what’s the difference between them? Not a lot to be honest. The newer boards are easier to reprogram the unique identifying code, and the transmitter is a little smaller. However the new receiver board does have an annoying buzzer that needs disabling. […]

  2. Matt McCormick remarks on

    Hey Chris. My second remote panel has this little noise maker too. So do you have to put an LED and resistor in there to complete the circuit, or can you just take it out?

    This also proves to me that for every single problem I encounter in my R2 you’ve already come up with a solution for it. Thanks.


  3. Chris remarks on

    No need to put anything in the spot, but by having an LED there it will help with setting/resetting it down the road in case you need to rebind it to your transmitter or change options.

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