Testing Replacement Dome Motor

Then new dome motor (a surplus Pittman GM9236) arrived today and I thought I’d share a short video to compare it to the original underpowered GM9413 motor I had been using.

It’s still runs at 12V, so no need to upgrade my electrical system to 24V. It spins a lot faster and definitely has a lot more torque.

Here’s the original GM9413 for comparison.

And finally, here’s a quick side by side shot of the two motors, the GM9236 is on the left. It’s a little bit longer and has a small shaft at the bottom which I think is to connect an encoding wheel to.

Posted by Chris on December 17th, 2007 in Dome, Electronics | 2 Comments

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Ross remarks on

    Hi Chris,

    Glad the new Pittman is working out for you – had forgotten to ask if you ever got it. I have one in each of my droids and it seems ideal. Bob

  2. Chris remarks on

    Thanks for the help on this. The motor has worked out really well. I should probably get myself a spare or two just in case.

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