Trip to Ace

I’ve been busy getting Artoo ready for RoboGames this weekend, and needed to buy some bits and pieces at the local Ace Hardware store in Pacifica.

I thought I’d finally take Artoo over for a visit. Dave the owner is a big Star Wars fan, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of the staff really well. They’ve always been super polite and put up with my crazy questions and ramblings when I’m trying to MacGyver something.

I also figured this would also be a good test of the new wheel/caster setup before I head out for a long weekend at RoboGames.

To my surprise the new casters were much better on the van’s loading ramp, and made easy work of the asphalt parking lot. He had a spot of bother with the big door jam going into the store, he almost made it over but not quite. On the way out I approached it at and angle, and after a bit of wiggling of the joystick made it out without me having to lift the front foot. I really don’t think the omni’s would have made it either, so right now I’m more than happy on how the wheel casters performed.

The visit turned into a bit of a mini event with lots of customers interested in knowing more about my creation – and I proudly told them how much Ace product was in him.

We patrolled the aisles searching of spare parts

When stumbled upon Lee at the hardware section – there’s probably 100’s of screws in Artoo from these bins. I also have to thank Lee for special ordering me some of the ‘mythical’ 3 inch casters.

Lee - Ace Hardware Pacifica

On the way out we bumped into Dave, the store owner. We hung out for a while and talked about his love of Star Wars and how I envied all the resources he had at his disposal to build Astromechs – maybe he’s got the bug? I’m not sure 🙂

Dave - Ace Hardware Pacifca

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  1. Victor Franco remarks on

    I love it! One day I’m going to find an excuse to bring my R2 into a store.

    Regarding the casters going over door jambs, I have the same trouble with those as well as elevator openings (the gaps), and similar obstacles. Sometimes I just drive backwards and all is well, other times I cheat in front of everyone and lift him by the skirt to help get the casters over the impediment.


  2. Chris remarks on

    I make take him on tour to all the stores where I bought parts from 🙂

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