Under Shoulder Detail

I finally finished drilling the holes for the Under Shoulder Detail after procrastinating for a while.

When I ordered the parts there were two options, short and stubby for surface mounting or long to extend into the leg. I opted for the longer version thinking they’d be more secure. What’s strange now is I was convinced at the time that the uber ILM droid was also made this way, but now looking back at my reference photos I can’t see any of the screen used droids this way. oh! well. Here’s the real ILM droid –

ILM Under Shoulder Detail

[Edit – I knew I wasn’t going crazy here’s a photo of the Magic of Myth R2 with drilled holes]

Magic of Myth R2 - Under shoulder detail

The job is pretty simple given the right tools. I’d originally tried to quickly Dremel out the holes right before C4, but realized it wasn’t the right tool for the job so I gave up. Someone told me to get a ‘rats’ tail file and they were right, it make quick work of making the hole the right size after the initial hole.

Marked and center punch ready for drilling

Then enlarge the holes using the ‘rats tail’

I think if I had to do this again I’d get the stubby variant 🙂

Next I need to decide if I’m going to just silicon them in place or tap/drill the back side of the barrel to secure it to the leg.

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