Vacaville Concert

Fellow builder Johnathan invite Artoo and I to participate in a concert he was organizing with local schools in Vacaville. He’d been planning it for quite some time, and had composed some new songs for the children to sing. One of them was Star Wars’ish themed, so he thought it would fun to have Artoo and a few stormtroopers to participate during the performance.

When I arrived at the theater, Johnathan and his 3 year old son were busy with one last rehearsal


There were hundreds of kids in two choirs backstage, and I was asked to sneak Artoo in without causing too much of a disturbance, so I quickly ushered him in under a blanket and hid him in a side room.


Once we’d gone through our rehearsal, I hung out with 501st until it was our turn to go on stage


After the interval the troopers suited up and we hung out just off stage with the other performers waiting their turn. Of course people wanted to take photos


Little Johnathan, overcame his fear of the troopers and before long he wouldn’t leave them alone.


When it was our turn, the stormtroopers made their way to the front of the theater to enter and walk thru the audience “menacingly”, as the children sung a Star Wars themed song. Are then enter the stage as the stormtrooper were seen away by padawan jedi instructed by Yoda.

Alas, with operating Artoo and being behind stage it was pretty much impossible to get photos of Artoo and the troopers on stage, but I’m hoping someone captured some good shots.


After the little Johnathan was done conducting he came straight over and started talking with the troopers again – going so far as talking one of them out his helmet.




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