Vex Robotic Kit

Someone posted on the builders list about Radio Shack discontinuing the Vex Robotic/Radio Controller Kit. They have the starter kit on sale for $99, down from $299. Comes with a transmitter, receiver, a programmable brain and enough bits like wheels, small motors and servos, switches etc. to make a small robot.

It’s way early in my build to start thinking about this, but I thought for $99 I can’t really go wrong. It would allow me to play with RC bits which I’ve never done before at a very low cost.

Setup only allows 6 channels, so just enough to cover basic R2 functions like, Drive Motors, Dome Rotation, Periscope, Utility Arms and few more bits.

Calvin has had a lot of luck integrating the Vex into his R2 system, and even uses the small Vex motors to turn the dome, and has a prototype periscope lift done.

There’s also talk of using the programmable function of the Vex to allow more than 6 functions via multiplexing the channels.

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