Yet more Hose Fittings

Okay, I promise this will be the last KHF post for a while. I bought a bunch of plugs from Ace and tried them out tonight and I think I’ve found a keeper.

It’s a small nylon plug that normally leafs out when a nail is pushed through, but I removed the nail and tapped the hole for a bolt.

I’m pretty sure it’ll hold for now, but would pull out if I gave it a really good tug. The good thing about this plug is that the expansion happens at the top in side the aluminum KHF holding it snug.

I also tried a small metal wall plug, but it didn’t work so well and deformed when expanded in such a tight space in the tube. I’d probably have to replace it every time I took the hoses off, it also didn’t grip the hose so well as the nylon one.

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